Who is Tom Shields?

Hi. My name is Tom Shields. Welcome to my blog.

I am a programmer and entrepreneur, and currently Founder and CSO at Yieldex, which I ran as CEO for its first 3 years. Before that I was on the “dark side” as a Managing Director at VC firm Woodside Fund, and before that I was a founder of NetGravity. I have blogged since early 2003, originally on a different URL, but in 2007 combined that one into this one. Read more about why I started this blog originally.

To read more about me than you would ever want to know, see my Tom Shields Personal History.

For Yieldex related items, email me at “tom” at “yieldex.com”. For more personal emails, you can reach me at “ts” at “oxyfish.com”. Please contact me with comments, kudos, or brickbats (or if you know what kudos and brickbats are).