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Hello, GREAT times!

Monday, January 12th, 2009

The Richter Scales got a great response from the audience at the Crunchies, after making fun of just about every aspect of running a Web 2.0 company in these trying times. My contribution consisted mostly of showing up and not flubbing the couple lines they gave me – it’s great to be in a group with such talented people!

Work with great people

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

I was recently asked what advice I would give to aspiring company founders. While there are many mistakes I’ve made that I would try to warn others about, the best advice I can give is to work with great people.

Great people are easy to communicate with, and will give (and take) honest feedback. Great people make it enjoyable to come to work, and help turn a job into a passion. Great people argue passionately, then come to agreement, then work closely together to get the job done. Great people can be trusted.

Startups are hard places to work. The hours can be long, and the disagreements are often heated. Everybody has their ups and downs, nobody is perfect. There are big wins and crushing losses. But great people with great relationships get through these patches much more smoothly.

At Yieldex, I’m privileged to work with great people. Every member of the team works well with the others, and we can feel the momentum building. The result is we are executing very efficiently, and getting more done in less time than any other team I’ve worked with. Best of all, I love the feeling that I like everyone I work with, that I would be happy hanging out with them and their families. At our company holiday dinner, I was delighted that everyone, including the spouses, seemed to have a very enjoyable time. These are the times we will look back on years from now and remember fondly.

I used to row crew competitively in high school and college. Crew is a sport that epitomizes team “flow”. A boat full of great individual contributors will get beaten by a boat that is rowing smoothly together every time. We are rowing smoothly together here at Yieldex. One of my biggest jobs is to not screw it up as we grow.

Life is too short to work with jerks. Work with great people.