Jimmy Carter has what we need!

I love this article in The Onion, purportedly by Jimmy Carter, not because it’s so funny (although it is pretty funny), but because of how wickedly they send up everybody else in the 2008 race by pointing out how much better Jimmy Carter is on every dimension.

Reminded me a little bit of how rarely people change their opinions – most people seem to think Jimmy Carter was a terrible President. Here’s another example, from the Wall Street Journal a while ago (blogged about here):

Starting 30 years ago, [Julian] Simon (who died in 1998) told anyone who would listen — which wasn’t many people — that the faddish declinism of that era was bunk. He called the “Global 2000” report “globaloney.” Armed with an arsenal of factual missiles, he showed that life on Earth was getting better, and that the combination of free markets and human ingenuity was the recipe for solving environmental and economic problems. Mr. [Paul] Ehrlich, in response, said Simon proved that the one thing the world isn’t running out of “is lunatics.”

Mr. Ehrlich, whose every prediction turned out wrong, won a MacArthur Foundation “genius award”; Simon, who got the story right, never won so much as a McDonald’s hamburger. But now who looks like the lunatic? This latest survey of the planet is certainly sweet vindication of Simon and others, like Herman Kahn, who in the 1970s dared challenge the “settled science.” (Are you listening, global-warming alarmists?)

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